Tuesday, 27 March 2012

My PBS Experience

      Last weekend, I went to Sekolah Kebangsaan Seri Ketereh in Kelantan for my “Program Berorientasikan Sekolah (PBS)” for a week. This is the first time I went for PBS in the school outside of Malacca. It was really a wonderful and unforgettable experience in my life as a trainee teacher to learn other countries languages and cultures. Sekolah Kebangsaan Seri Ketereh is one of the most excellent elementary school in Kelantan and in the matter of time, it will become the cluster school in the country.
       The headmaster, teachers and the staffs were really nice to me and treated me like I was a part of the school society. Actually, I am very attracted with the headmaster of the school who is a very hardworking and friendly person to me. When I first met him, he asked me what is the real reason I want to be a teacher and also gave his 17 years experience as a teacher as an advise. I still remember his words when he said that it is not easy to be a great teacher but the passion to see our students succeed in whatever they are doing will eventually wash away all the difficulties and the pains of being a teacher.
       He also said to me that even if I don’t really choose this field in the first place, but since I’m already on it, just do my best and show people how good I can be as a teacher who not just teach the syllabus to the students but also give them spirit and advise like a real mother to them. Beside, one of the many great things about the headmaster is that I always saw him around the school like when he talked to the canteen’s worker, taught in the class and interacted with the school’s staff. Even when I went to his office in my last day, I also saw he was doing the job like key in the data of the results of his teaching subject by himself. This proved to me that the title of the headmaster owned by him can’t be a reason for him to just sit in the office, read the newspaper and get the big salary at the end of the month.
       I learned that it takes more than that to be a good teacher. The thing is we have to try hard when we are doing something that we love like teaching. When the situation is mess up, just learn from the mistake and enjoy your days as a teacher so that the students can feel the joy as well when they are learning.

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